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sabato 18 agosto 2012

bon voyage: Pont Aven

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  1. Hey Nico you still have blooger verification set up on your page it means every time we comment we have to prove we rae not Robots LOL, Here is what you need to do, Have a great day my friiend, Baz

    On your blog page

    Top Right click the "Design" Button" a new page opens

    Click Settings

    Almost at the bottom of the list click "Posts and comments"

    Again almost at the bottom of the next list

    For "Show word verification" say NO

    Then click "save settings";)

  2. Nice to see you on this huge HOME... nice shots of your trip to France!

  3. L' ultimo tuo viaggio in Francia ? Bellissime foto .Stai benissimo , proprio reale .